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Kissan Pineapple Squash - 700 ML

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₹ 129

MRP: ₹ 135
700 ML


Buy Kissan Pineapple Squash. Go Online shopping for buy kissan pineapple squash best online website store in Surat at lowest discounted price.

Kissan Pineapple Squash is your instant energizer and refresher in shimmering hot summer seasons. It is the best beverage that satiate your thrust giving you complete pleasure of real fruit drink. Kissan Pineapple Squash is a product of Hindustan Unilever Limited.


It is very easy to prepare, just add sugar and water in a container, and then add Kissan Pineapple

Squash as per your requirement. Stir it well and your Kissan Pineapple Squash is ready to serve.

Kissan Pineapple Squash is the most instant fruit drink.

It contains ingredients that are completely safe to consume.

The price of Kissan Pineapple Squash is very reasonable. So get freshen up this summer with Kissan Pineapple squash.


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