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Tropicana Juicy Apple - 1 LTR

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₹ 80

MRP: ₹ 99
200 ML


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100% Apple fruit juice with no added sugar for a healthy you. No added preservatives, colour or artificial flavouring. Just goodness of fruits. The 9 fruit nutrients revitalize your body and awaken your senses. Foster a healthy lifestyle with the benefits of fruits. A glass of Tropicana is the perfect beverage to give your day a quick start.


  • Relish the goodness of hand picked apples from the finest orchards.


  • Rich in natural nutrients that provide daily health benefits.


  • With no added preservative and no artificial coloring, this is the perfect fruit beverage to foster a healthy lifestyle.


  • Great choice for making blended drinks.
  • Contains 44 percent apple juice.

Usages:- On morning breakfast drink, After the sports game, Party