Badam Pista Barfi Recipe

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Badam Pista Barfi Recipe

The goodness of almonds and pistachios in a delectable sweet dish.


100 g khoya/mawa about ¾ cup grated khoya

60 gms badam/almonds or ½ cup

60 g unsalted pista/pistachios or ½ cup

60 cup gms sugar or ⅓sugar

cardamoms/choti elachi

tsp ¼ghee for greasing a tray or plate/thali

1 tablespoon to 2of sliced or chopped or powdered almonds & pistachios for garnish


warm a skillet on a low fire and dry dish the almonds and pista daintily for around 2 to 3 minutes. confirm they don’t get cooked.

meanwhile, oil a plate or plate with ¼ tsp ghee.

once the almonds and pistachios chill off, take them in a processor container. in like manner incorporate seeds from 3 green cardamom cases.

work to a fine composition. if there are minor pieces or bits of cashews its fine. make an effort not to smash a considerable measure as then oil would release from the nuts.

in a similar dish, particularly granulate the khoya/mawa. moreover incorporate sugar.

keep the holder on a low fire. keep mixing the mix reliably.

both the khoya and sugar would begin to melt. the consistency of mix would end up being to some degree thin. here we don’t need to cook the khoya all the more as the powdered almonds and pistachios help in tying the barfi. so as soon you see the mix permeating and to some degree thickening, remove the compartment from fire. don’t over cook as then the barfi will get the chance to be chewy.

remove the container from flame.

incorporate the powdered almonds, pistachios and cardamom mix.

mix quickly and to a great degree well.

pour the barfi mix on the lubed plate and spread it to a layer of ½ inch thickness from all sides.

level the best with the spatula.

sprinkle some finely cut or powdered almonds and pistachios wherever all through the barfi. with your fingers delicately press them on the barfi.

once cooled at room temperature, cut the barfi.

serve badam pista barfi straight away or store in a fixed close box. these stay well for 3 to 4 days in a cold climate. by and large keep in the fridge.


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