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Sheer khurma recipe is a scrumptious sweet customarily made up of drain, sugar, sevaiya(vermicelli) and dates. Presently a-days some different fixings are additionally utilized as a part of it to make it more flavourful. Sheer khurma is comprised of two words Sheer =Milk and khurma =dates.

Sheer khurma is accepted to be presented in India amid Mughal govern and now it is well known all finished nation because of the great taste. It is a mainstream celebration dessert arranged by Muslims on Eid-ul-Fitr and a consistently breakfast in Holy Ramzan (Ramadan) days.

In various districts of India it is known with various names sevaiyyan, semiya, sheer qurma, semiya pudding, vermicelli pudding and sheer qurma.

In this recipe I have not utilized sugar. Instead of sugar I utilized dates and dense drain which includes a rich surface and satisfactory sweetness.

We should see the recipe !


Milk – 750 ml or 3 cups

Vermicelli/seviyan – 3/4 cup

Ghee – 1  tablespoon

Condensed milk – 4 tablespoon

Almonds, Cashew nuts, Pistachios  – 10 to 12, sliced

Soft Dates – 10, de-seeded, chopped

Cardamom powder – 3/4  teaspoon

Kewra essence or rose water – 1 teaspoon

Saffron strands for garnish


Stage 1. Warmth ghee into a skillet, include seviya (vermicelli) and meal till it compasses to mellow dark colored shading. At that point keep Aside.

Stage 2. Cook cashew nuts, almonds and pistachio in a similar skillet without including more ghee. At that point keep aside.

Stage 3. Place a sauce container over medium warmth and add drain to it. Give the drain a chance to reach boiling point.

Stage 4.When drain begins bubbling, include consolidated drain and keep the fire to low. Continue mixing in the middle of for keeping away from adhering down to the dish.

Stage 5. At the point when the drain gets to about 3/4 rth of its amount, include seviya into it and cook for 8 to 10 minutes or till they get mollify.

Stage 6. Include the simmered nuts, delicate dates, cardamom powder. Cook for 2 minutes on low by blending persistently.

Stage 7. Kill the gas. Include kewra substance or rose-water. At that point take it out in a dish and enhancement with dry leafy foods strands. Sheer khurma is prepared to serve. You can serve it warm or chilled.


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