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Masala Papad Bruschetta

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Ingredients Of Masala Papad Bruschetta 1 bread loaf 1 onion 1 tomato 2 green chillies 50 gms coriander 2 lemons 1 tsp olive oil 1 tsp chaat masala 3-4 papad 250 gms butter Salt How to Make Masala Papad Bruschetta Cut bread loaf into slices & toast it in butter…. Read more »

Crunchy Iceberg Dumpling

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Crunchy Iceberg Dumpling recipe

Ingredients Of Crunchy Iceberg Dumpling 10gms asparagus (chopped) 10gms water chestnut (chopped) 10gms corn kernel (chopped) 10gms red pumpkin (chopped) 10gms raw papaya 10gms ice berg lettuce roughly (chopped) 5gms sugar 5ml sesamee oil 5ml ginger juice salt – as per taste skin wheat starch and water How to Make… Read more »

7 Genius Tricks to Prevent Salt From Clumping and Becoming Damp

Sea salt

Salt is one of the most essential ingredients in your kitchen, but it can be a mystery. A little too much of it or a little too less can totally alter the taste of your dish. Similarly, if not handled with care it can lose its essence very easily or tends… Read more »