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My Account

  • Q. What is My Account?

    My Account makes it easy for you to view & update your profile details on Homebethe at anytime.You can : Manage & edit your personal details (address, phone number etc.)Change password View past orders View Reward Points history Give us feedback

  • Q. Can I use past orders to make a new one?

    You could use the My Usuals tab on the homepage or previous order history in My Account to view items you have shopped for in the past and quickly re-order them!

  • Q. Can I transfer HB WALLET to my friend's Wallet?

    You can transfer money from your wallet to your friend's wallet, but you cannot transfer the wallet ownership. That feature has not yet been activated. You can also transfer Gift Cards to your friend's Wallet.

  • Q. What is My Shopping List?

    My Shopping List is a comprehensive list of all the items previously ordered by you on homebethe.com. This enables you to shop quickly and easily in future.

  • Q. If I pay by credit card how do I get the amount back for items not delivered?

    If we are not able to delivery all the products in your order and you have already paid for them online, the balance amount will be refunded to your homebethe wallet and you can use it at any time against your future orders. Should you want it to be credited to your bank account please contact our customer support team and we will refund on to your card.

  • Q. Can I add more than one delivery address in an account?

    Yes, you can add multiple delivery addresses in your homebethe account. However, remember that all items placed in a single order can only be delivered to one address. If you want different products delivered to different address you need to place them as separate orders.

Delivery Details


  • Q. Why should I refer a friend?

    Shopping at Homebethe brings you a plethora on benefits - delivery times ranging from 9 am - 9 pm, multiple modes of payment, a wide variety of products at one place, a hassle free return policy and so many more! Don't you want to share these? Oh Recommend Homebethe to your friends today & help them save some time, money & effort.

  • Q. How can I refer a friend?

    All you need to do is login, select the Refer a Friend option and enter your friends name & email ID. We take care of the rest. To make it easier for you, we also give you the option to refer your friends each time you complete an order.


  • Q. How do I pay for my order?

    Homebethe offers you multiple modes of payment. You could pay using all major banks credit cards, debit cards or net banking facilities and cash/card on delivery. Rest assured that our trusted payment gateway partners use secure encryption technology to keep your transaction details confidential at all times.

  • Q. Is it safe to shop using online payment methods on Homebethe?

    Shopping at Homebethe is completely safe. All credit card and debit card payments on Homebethe are processed through secure and trusted payment gateways managed by leading Indian banks. Furthermore, the banks might ask you to enter an online password (also known as 3D secure password which is available to the card owner only) which acts as an additional layer of security for your card transaction. Rest assured that Homebethe offers you the highest standards of security available on the internet so as to ensure that your shopping experience is private, safe and secure.

  • Q. Can I make payment using Sodexo Meal Passes / Ticket Restaurant Meal passes for Specialty orders?

    Yes, you can pay for products using meal passes. However, all other modes of payment are accepted as standard such as Cash on Delivery, Card on Delivery, Online payment by Cards/Net Banking/Wallets etc.

  • Q. What are the modes of payment?

    You can pay for your order on homebethe.com using the following modes of payment: Cash on delivery, Card on delivery, Mobikwik, Credit and debit cards , Sodexo & Ticket Restaurant coupon/card on delivery.

  • Q. Mobikwik OFFER Details?

    10% Supercash on paying via MobiKwik at https://www.homebethe.com. Maximum Supercash would be Rs.100.Offer validity : 20nd June, 2017 - 19th July, 2017

How To Shop

  • Q. Step 1 - Browse

    Start shopping by browsing the aisles or typing in the product you want in the search bar on the top of the screen. You can toggle between sizes and click on the add button to include it in your shopping cart. To view more details, click on the product. You could also use the My Usuals tab on the homepage or previous order history My Account to view items you have shopped for in the past and quickly re-order them!

  • Q. Step 2 – Login or Register

    In order to complete the checkout process and place your order, login to your Homebethe account. In case you are a new user, you will need to register first.

  • Q. Step 3 – Checkout

    Once you are done shopping, click on Checkout to review your cart. You can add/delete products and then move on to the Next Step (Shipping Address) or Continue Shopping in case you've forgotten something.

Cancellation & Return

General Doubts

  • Q. What kind of products do you sell?

    With a product portfolio that is 16,000 strong and growing everyday, Homebethe boasts of bringing to your doorstep a myriad of products - groceries & staples, fruits & vegetables, beverages, household supplies, personal care products, dairy products, pastas, chocolates, cosmetics, baby products, OTC health care products & so much more! Everything from your most popular household brands to niche products hard to find elsewhere - you name it, we'll have it.

  • Q. What about the products we want but can’t find on Homebethe?

    We are constantly growing & improving, adding products on a daily basis. If you think there is something we should add to our aisles, all you need to do is use our Suggest A Product feature and we will try to make it available to you in no time! Can't find it? Get in touch with our Customer Service team on care@homebethe.com and they will help you out.

  • Q. Are there any pre-requisites for ordering on Homebethe?

    To place an order all you need to do is register on Homebethe We do not have a minimum delivery requirement. All orders below Rs 499 will be charged a Rs 40 delivery fee. However, feel free to browse the aisles without any conditions. You will also be charged a separate delivery fee for each order as a separate Shopper while be assigned your order.

  • Q. What areas do you deliver to? Are the rates the same?

    We deliver across Surat City. A delivery fee of Rs 40 will be charged for all orders under Rs 499.


  • Q. What is HB WALLET? What payment options does HB WALLET provide?

    HB WALLET is digital payment solution. Our goal is to make digital payments so easy and safe that people never have to carry cash or cards again! You can use HB WALLET as a wallet or directly make transfers through your linked bank account using UPI. It's safe, easy and instant, you have to use it to believe it!

  • Q. What is UPI? What is the advantage of UPI transfers over wallets?

    "Unified Payment Interface" (UPI) is an instant payment system that allows you to transfer money directly from your bank account. The best part about UPI is that it allows you to make payments with a few clicks without the hassle of sharing bank a/c details or typing your card details, net banking password, OTP, etc. There are many advantages of UPI. The main advantage is that you don't have to block your money by loading it into a wallet. Simply link your bank account and then you can make seamless payments without having to worry about topping up a wallet, wallet spend limits or not earning interest on your money. Makes sense to use UPI for direct bank transfer rather than the plethora of wallets doesn't it?

  • Q. How do I activate HB WALLET?

    HB WALLET activation is currently available on Android 4.0 / iOS version 8 and above only for mobile devices and via our website. As a part of the one-time activation process, you need to provide the following details: a. Name b. Email ID c. Mobile Number (will be OTP verified, if not done so already)

  • Q. Will my Wallet money ever expire?

    Individual components under Wallet have different expiry rules. Like, Gift Cards stored in your Wallet will have their own validity period. Similarly, HB WALLET is valid for 24 months from the time of activation or 24 months from the last transaction, whichever is later. HB WALLET expires once the validity period is over

  • Q. What are the limits, rules and restrictions that govern HB WALLET?

    HB WALLET is governed by the Reserve Bank of India's Prepaid Instrument and Domestic Money Transfer Guidelines. Simply put, • At any point of time, the HB WALLET balance cannot exceed Rs.5,000. • Any inflow of HB WALLET through refunds cannot exceed Rs.5,000 per month. • Any transfers from HB WALLET to your bank account are restricted to Rs.5,000 per transaction and Rs.25,000 per month.

  • Q. How does my HB WALLET get loaded? Can I top-up my wallet?

    There are 4 main ways for cash to flow into your wallet: 1) Refunds - when you buy from affiliated merchants using your HB WALLET or by COD, they can refund back to your wallet. 2) Failed transactions- If paid through the wallet, the amount would come back to your wallet 3) Cash backs - Any kind of cash back offered by HB WALLET or merchant will show up in your wallet. 4) P2P transfers - If a friend sends money to you from his/her wallet, it will show up in your wallet. Rather than topping up wallet and spending through that, which is a 2-step process, we provide an easier feature of linking your bank a/c and spending directly through it. This faster, easier, plus you don't lock money in wallets

  • Q. Can I transfer funds from HB WALLET? If yes, how much can be transferred?

    Yes, you can transfer funds from HB WALLET to your bank account using the Bank Account Number and Branch IFSC Code. You can transfer a maximum of ?5,000 in a single transaction and a maximum of ?25,000 in a month.

  • Q. Are there any charges for transferring HB WALLET to bank account?

    Currently, as a part of our promotional offer, we are not charging for withdrawals to bank. However, such withdrawals might be charged in future about which, you will be duly notified

  • Q. Can I use an International phone number to activate HB WALLET?

    No, currently HB WALLET is available only for domestic mobile numbers

  • Q. How safe is HB WALLET?

    Every transaction on HB WALLET requires you to enter your M-PIN which is known only to you. You should not share this M-PIN. In addition, HB WALLET has an app lock feature which hinders unauthorized access. All transaction initiated over HB WALLET are carried out over secure bank networks and all communications between HB WALLET and banks are over encrypted channels. I am trying to link my bank a/c for UPI txns but do not find my bank in the list. HB WALLET runs on the UPI payment platform which is currently supported by multiple banks. As of now only accounts from these banks can be linked with HB WALLET to send and receive money. If your bank is not on this list, you can still manually link your bank a/c by entering the a/c number and IFSC code. However this a/c can only be used to receive money, not send money.

  • Q. What if I change my handset?

    If you change your handset, you need to download the HB WALLET app again, enter your app PIN and send SMS to verify your mobile number and your HB WALLET account will be restored

  • Q. Can I continue using my HB WALLET account if my mobile number changes?

    If your mobile number changes you will first have to update your mobile number with your bank. Then you have to enter your old mobile number and HB WALLET password in your HB WALLET page, verify your mobile number by sending sms and your old HB WALLET account will be restored. For security reasons this account will be activated after 24 hours. Purchasing on HOMEBETHE using Wallet

  • Q. How do I use Wallet to make a payment?

    At the time of making a payment, you will be able to view the available balance in your Wallet and you can use it for the transaction. There might be some instances where the complete balance might not be sufficient for the purchase. The reasons for the same will be displayed.

  • Q. What happens when I return an item purchased using Wallet?

    The money is refunded back to the original payment source. • If Gift Cards were redeemed in the original transaction, then the same will be refunded to the respective Gift Cards. • Similarly, the amount originally redeemed from your HB WALLET will be refunded as HB WALLET. If a bank transfer was made over UPI, it will be refunded back to your account

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