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Buy Amira Daily Fresh Basmati. Best Staple food for your family. Go Online shopping for Amira Daily Fresh Basmati from best grocery & staples website store in Surat at lowest discounted price. 

Do you end up making sloppy and mushy biryani more often than not, Time to switch to this pack of refined, handpicked grains of basmati rice by Amira. Be sure to plate up some perfectly grainy chicken biryani or pulao with Amira Daily Fresh Basmati Rice. Apart from being totally delicious and hygienic, basmati rice is also rich in essential nutrients. Grab your pack before we run out of stock!


Basmati rice is rich in in carbohydrates, but is very low in sugar.

Basmati rice is naturally low-fat, containing less than 1 g per serving. Each 3/4 of a cup serving contains 3 g of protein.

Basmati rice is a moderately good source of thiamine (13 percent of daily value) and niacin (8 percent of daily value). These B vitamins play a crucial role in energy metabolism.

In addition to containing important B vitamins, each serving of basmati rice contains a small amount of iron (6 percent of daily value). 

Usages:- Used in Briyani, Pulav and Rice.